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Our next show celebrates 200 years and is on 1st August 2015.

We are looking forward to welcoming Squibb Freestyle - the no. 1 FMX stunt display team. Jamie is a world fmx championship rider with some mad skills!  We can't wait to see him perform for you in the main arena. 

The Welsh Axemen join the show for the day with a number of competitions including a Springboard Tree Climb where the Axeman ascends the tree, relying only on steel tipped boards, on which to precariously balance whilst he cuts a log on the top with an axe!!

New for 2015, we will have a covered Children's area, including soft play and facepainting. Cbeebies presenter Katy Ashworth will be entertaining the little ones with her fabulous interactive games and stories and there will be chance to meet Katie after her performances. Betty Balloon will be performing some fantastic story telling using her balloon models and voluteers from the audience. There will also be chance for the children to try some balloon modelling in one of her workshops.

Trade stands - your plot numbers can be found here.  A map of the plots here.

Please note due to the current Avian Flu outbreak, affecting parts of Preston, we request that anyone keeping birds, and living in the restricted zones, do not bring their dog into the show - to assist in the prevention of the spread of disease. Many thanks for your

For more information on the zones please see the DEFRA website: and

Thank you and we look forward to celebrating 200 years with you! 




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