Show FAQ's

1.) Can I bring my dog to Garstang Show?

The show allows well behaved dogs onto the showground. All dogs must be on a lead. We do have a Companion Dog Show if you would like to enter your dog on show day.

2.) Where can I download schedules?

Schedules will be available in May for all sections. Just click here for schedules. You can also enter online.

3.) I can't get through to the Secretary on the phone line, what can do for further information?

During busy periods especially close to show day, it may be difficult to get through to the Secretary. The website and facebook will be updated with as much information as possible. However, if you require information on classes, please refer to your schedule and get in touch with the Chief Steward of that section.

4.) I can't see the Rabbit Schedule on the website, how can I enter?

Schedules for the Rabbit section will be published in Fur and Feather Magazine. This section is run by Adele Dunn on 07826843126 or email

5.) Do I have to pay for my child to come to the show?

Under 10's have free entry into Garstang Show. For prices please see our buy tickets page

6.) Do you have any catering concessions available at the show?

At the time of writing (July 2019) there are no concessions available. However, you are welcome to email your details, including compnay information to the Secretary until such time that one becomes available.

7.) What time does the show start?
The show is open at 8.30am to the public.  A brief timetable of events can be found below, although the times are approximate and may be subject to change:-

Main Ring

  1. 8am – 1.30pm Light Horse Judging
  2. 9.45am Heavy Horse Judging
  3. 10am Cattle judging
  4. 12 noon Pony Club Centenary Musical Ride
  5. 1.30pmBolddogLings
  6. 2.15pm Heavy Horse Turnouts
  7. 3pm Grand Parade
  8. 4pm BolddogLings

Entertainment Ring

10am Companion Dog Show section 1 Entries Open
10am Ferret Racing
10.30am John Farnworth
11am Companion Dog Show
12 noon Flying Falcons
12.30 Tug of War 
1.30pm  Companion Dog Show section 2 Entries Open
1.30pm John Farnworth
2.30pm Companion Dog Show
3.30pm Flying Falcons
4pm Ferret Racing
4.30pm John Farnworth


Ribble Vets