Chief Steward – Elizabeth Woodhouse

Our Pygmy Goat section has grown in popularity over the last few years.

Hopefully there are classes to suit everyone from keen pedigree, registered breeders to anyone with a treasured family pet. We also have classes for juniors, and it is encouraging to see the youngest children having a go at showing. We are a friendly bunch and would be pleased to welcome you and your goats to join us at the show.

Entries will be taken from 1st May 2020.

  1. Best multicoloured goat – any sex|
  2. Wether or female not eligible for registration (under 1 year)|
  3. Wether or female not eligible for registration (over 1 year)|
  4. Junior Handler – Age 16 and under|
  5. Female kid 8 weeks to 1 year|
  6. Female 1 – 2 years (not to have borne a kid)|
  7. Adult female over 2 years|
  8. Veteran female|
  9. Male kid 8 weeks to 1 year|
  10. Male 1 – 2 years|
  11. Adult male over 2 years|
  12. Dam and offspring (all must have been entered in breed classes)


Goats do not need to be registered with the Pygmy Goat Club to enter classes.

Gates open 8.00am

Goats to be penned in tent by 8.30am

Judging commences at 10.00am

Pen will be provided.


Entry fee £2.50 per class

Entries close Monday 20th July 2020

Rosettes to 4th place, prize money to 3rd place (£8, £6, £4)


Judge – Diane Brown


With special thanks to Frances Mullin for donating prize money for Best in Show


Trophies –

Best Junior Handler - Birkrigg Trophy presented by Frances Mullin

Best Wether - Wishart Trophy presented by Tracy Peters

Best Multi-Coloured - Chesterton Trophy presented by Tracy Peters

Best Adult Male – Maesgwyn Trophy presented by Mr & Mrs Mercer

Best in Show - Alphaherd Trophy presented by Armitage Family, also £20.00 and Society Championship Rosette. Reserve Best in Show £10.00 and Championship Rosette


All Exhibitors who enter shall be considered to have read the following Rules & Regulations as laid down by the Show Committee. Anything not covered but brought into question will be decided by the relevant authority.

The decision of the Show Chairman & Committee will be final.

1) Entries must be lodged in a proper manner on the enclosed form, signed by the Exhibitor an authorised agent, and complying in full with these Regulations and any other conditions as may be specified in the current Rule books of Societies to which this Show has affiliated.

2) Animals must be entered under the name by which they are registered with their Breed Society (if applicable) and the name of the Owner(s) must be stated if different from the Exhibitor.

3) The appropriate Entry Fee MUST accompany the entry and must be received by the Closing Date. Entry Fees will only be refunded on receipt of a Veterinary Certificate. £5.00 will be retained from cancelled entries for administration charges. Entries will not be accepted by telephone – POSTAL ENTRIES or ENTRIES ONLINE at Changes to Entries must be received in writing before the Closing Date.

4) The Society reserves the right to refuse or cancel any entry already accepted without any reason for so doing. Should this occur, refund of Entry Fees shall be at the discretion of the relevant Committee.

5) Stallions MUST NOT be led by Juniors who have not attained their 14th birthday before 1st January, 2017.

6) Any animal deemed to be out of control or presenting danger to other exhibits must be removed from the ring at the request of the Judge, Steward or Committee.

7) The Committee, any of its Officers, Assistants & stewards shall not in any way be responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may happen to exhibitors or their assistants, or any other members of the public or to any animal or property, or to any vehicle brought into the showground or to any premises used in conjunction with the show, or while entering or leaving the same.

8) Exhibitors shall be responsible for the behavior of their assistants & riders/handlers & all persons in charge of exhibits shall be subject to the orders of Stewards or Judges.

9) DOGS – All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Please clean up after your dog.

10) OBJECTIONS shall be made in writing with the Objector’s full name & address within 1 hour of the class concerned and lodged at the General Secretary’s Office together with the sum of £50 deposit. The sum will be refunded if the objection is sustained, but if it is not sustained the deposit will be forfeited to the funds of Garstang & District Agricultural & Horticultural Society. The Committee reserves the right to refer the objection to the Society or Association under whose rules the class is being run.

11) It is strongly recommended that all exhibitors carry adequate Public Liability Insurance. The Society does not accept any liability for any injury or damage sustained by any third party whatsoever.

12) The Judge’s decision is FINAL. The Committee reserves the right to substitute, add or remove any Judge from any class or championship.

13) The number of animals which will give an individual show in any class shall be entirely the decision of the Judge(s).

14) All animals must be sound. All Judges have the right to request an examination of an animal by the Official Veterinary Surgeon. If, in his / her opinion the animal is not deemed fit to continue, it will be led from the ring & will not be presented for judging in any ring for the remainder of the day.

15) DISEASE - Any animal found to be suffering from any contagious or infectious disease shall be removed from the showground immediately at the request of the Official Veterinary Surgeon. Any animal found to be affected in this manner will be further disqualified from competing & must be removed from the showfield by the exhibitor without delay.

16) FLU VACCINATIONS - It is recommended that all exhibitors ensure that horses & ponies have an up to date certificate of vaccination against equine flu which should be available for examination if required. FULL PASSPORT MUST ACCOMPANY EVERY EQUINE IN TRANSIT.

17) There will be NO provision of Farriery services on the field. Exhibitors are recommended to ensure all farriery work is carried out prior to the show.

18) NO MUCKING OUT ON THE FIELD – Please take home all waste – livestock will be returning to graze the field within 2 days of the show.

19) Competitors are requested NOT to telephone the Show Office with queries concerning times of commencement of classes or numbers of entries. This information WILL NOT BE GIVEN due to pressure of time. Please allow plenty of time for your arrival prior to your first class.

All Entry Forms must be completed in full.

ENTRIES (inc. online entries) CLOSE 17th July 2020


EXHIBITORS’ PASSES : Exhibitor numbers, e-tickets and horsebox passes will be sent PRIOR to the show. If you have not received these by Wednesday 31st July, please contact the Secretary.

One e-ticket will be issued to each exhibitor, further e-tickets will be issued at the discretion of the Secretary for larger numbers of exhibits. Further discounted e-tickets can be purchased when entering at a cost of £10.00 each for adults - Max. 4 (£14 on the gate) and £1 for children 10 - 16 (£3 on the gate) children under 10 are free.


The Organisers of this Show have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and to prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the Organisers and all Officials and Stewards.

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