Welsh Axemen

Mid-Wales Axe Racing Team at Garstang Show!

Axe racing comes to Garstang Show.  Axe racing is a sport using razor sharp axes in competition to simulate the falling of a tree and cutting it up into lengths. It's a work derived sport. It's origins were in the early lumber camps of Australia, New Zealand and Canada but now its spreading round the globe and right here in Garstang!

The team of skilled Chainsaw Operators will entertain with Man vs Machine chainsaw races, as well as, a standing block race where vertical logs are cut through from the other side using a razor sharp racing axe and a Springboard Tree Climb where the Axeman ascend the tree, relying only on steel tipped boards, on which to precariously balance whilst he cuts a log on the top with an axe!

More high octane entertainment for our 200th year - we can't wait!!

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