Society Welcome New President

Garstang & District Agricultural and Horticultural have appointed a New President, Mr William Gibson at their Annual General Meeting.

Bill Gibson will preside over the Society for the next two years, taking over from Miss Rosalind Hargreaves and will be present at the annual show which is held on Saturday 4thAugust this year.

Bill has been involved with Garstang Show since he was a young lad and has been an active member of the Show Committee. Mr Gibson comments, “Being brought up and associated with the farming community all my working life, (and in semi-retirement!), becoming President is a great honour and a great privilege because it is a once-in-a-life time opportunity and it is a chance to give something back to the business I have operated within all these years.”

Garstang Show celebrates its 203rd show in 2018 and for generations local families have been involved and supported it. It’s no different for Bill and his family, his father was also involved for a number of years. Their livestock haulage business - W Gibson Haulage Ltd, started by his father, always attended Garstang Show and has played a great part in Bill’s life since he was a young lad (in the 1940’s).  One of his first memories at the show was his taste for peaches; Bill remembers pestering his dad to give him two bob, (10 pence in ‘new’ currency), to buy this lovely fruit because in those days it was a rare delicacy; not like in today’s supermarkets!

It’s still very much a family affair for the Gibsons. Jayne, Bill’s daughter in law, is a dedicated director of the show, his son David, is a Cattle Steward and his grandson Jonathan shows his Shire Horses and our vintage lorries which was, incidentally, the type of transport his father started his business with in 1932. Those lorries carried 4/5 cattle at most, whilst the modern vehicles nowadays can carry 35/40 cattle, 400 sheep or 200 pigs!

Bill states, “Over the next two years of my Presidency I am most looking forward to continuing to include and encourage the younger generation to participate in the local farming community and carry the baton over the next few years. I also believe in encouraging education within schools to teach and inform students, of all backgrounds, about the enjoyment, satisfaction, benefits and way of life of an agricultural career”. 

The 4thAugust promises to be a great day out for all the family, with opportunities for all to be entertained and learn more about our farming and horticultural community.

Discounted tickets are also now available online.

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