Getting those dairy cows ready!

Amelia Hull, from Gibstick Hall Farm near Garstang, talks to us about showing her dairy cows at Garstang Show.

I have attended Garstang Show for as long as I can remember - my first trip would probably have been in my pram! Our family have been involved with the show for many years and now involves three generations of us attending. My involvement with the show has been predominantly through our cattle, as we have been showing Holsteins with our Fortland herd for over 50 years. I showed my first calf when I was six years old and now that I am 16 have been preparing, training and showing cattle in my own right for ten years. I have learnt many things and gain many tips to ensure that the cattle look 100% for the show.

Preparations usually start a month in advance after we have selected which animals we wish to show.  This involves halter training and handling the cattle so they become used to human attention. Two weeks before the day we will wash the cattle to clean their coats and they are fed a specific diet to get them into show condition. The cattle are washed and clipped the day before the show and also washed again on the morning of the show and their top lines are sorted before they go into the ring. 

Garstang Show has always been an event in the family’s calendar and a day that nobody can miss. The best thing about Garstang show is that it is a day out for the whole family and there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Starting with the showing of Dairy and Beef cattle, Heavy and Light Horses, continuing onto the main events in the main ring before the grand parade and after. I enjoy looking at all the different trade stands and the things they have to offer and the best thing that I love to do when I’ve  finished showing in the afternoon is going around the food tent and tasting the different foods which never fail to impress my taste buds!
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